My Sweet-Tooth, Sugar and Sugar Subsitutes

I’ve decided to take sugar and sugar substitutes out of my diet but unfortunately, it’s in a lot of stuff I eat and drink.  I’ve told myself no more pink, (Sweet’NLow) or yellow packages (Splenda). Well that’s what I said, but wait a minute…it’s in my BCAA (branch chain amino acids) Crystal Light, diet cocoa, protein powder mix, and ketchup. To top that off, if it’s not already part of the product, then I add it in.

Well, for now I am giving up Crystal Light (aka crystal crack).  I know, I am addicted to the stuff.  As for my BCAA flavored drink, I’ll have to take the pills.  I like the diet cocoa powder in my coffee because it makes it taste like a mocha but that’s gone too.  Now, I just use a teaspoon of real coco powder in my coffee.  I have been drinking coffee with 1-2 packages of Stevia a day…I used to have more (I’m trying people).  I use vegetarian Ketchup and sprinkle a little Stevia on for sweetener.   I have been drinking plenty of water as usual.  I am also drinking tea without any sweetener.  I just started adding fresh lemon, lime and mint leaves to my iced tea and water.  We got to start somewhere.

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